In March, International Women's Day

Diane chasseresse
Diane chasseresse © M.-P. Guillou

For International Women’s Day, the Garenne Lemot estate concocted a series of guided visits in connection with this theme, throughout the month of March. Meet the Women of Antiquity!

Guided Tours

“Statues / Statuts de Femmes Antiques”

Meet the admired women, discredited women, liberated women and other women of character of Ancient Rome whose statues decorate the gardens.

  • Reservations required
  • Duration: 30 mn

Every weekend in March - Free

Cross the bridge over the Sèvre and head to the Château de Clisson for more thematic visits!

Self-guided tour brochure

Stroll at your own pace through the grounds of the Garenne estate, guided by the stories of the Women of Antiquity (in French).

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