Baludik, the application that takes you on an adventure!

Alone or with your family, let the Baludik app guide you as you discover the secrets and anecdotes of the Garenne Lemot estate in a unique way! Grab your smartphone and get started!

The Baludik mobile application

Baludik offers tours in the form of a treasure hunt. You can follow the clues to find the different places and advance through the story as you explore the site! Offering puzzles, clues, visuals, a compass, a map and more, the application features different tools for a unique, interactive adventure.

Two adventures are available for the Garenne Lemot estate:

How does it work?

Download the free Baludik application on the App Store or Google Play and go to the entrance of the Garenne Lemot estate.

Open the app and click on "Select a tour". All the tours near your location will pop up, just choose the one you want!

Our staff is also available to help you in the gift shop located in the gardener's cottage!

To learn more about the application and the other tours proposed by Grand-Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique, visit the Baludik website.

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