Self-guided tours

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Self-guided tours

Stroll along the paths of the Garenne Lemot estate at your leisure.

Download our map to find your way around.

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Self-guided tours with the mobile application Baludik (in French)

The Garenne Lemot estate offers two interactive tours, available by downloading the Baludik application from your app store.

  • For a fun adventure, download the Garenne Lemot mystery. Help Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, solve the troubling mystery that hangs over the Garenne Lemot estate! Along the winding paths of the estate, you’ll meet figures from Antiquity, encounter surprising monuments and enjoy panoramas worthy of the greatest works of art, in a setting reminiscent of Italy and Ancient Rome.
  • If you’d rather just stroll around, download the Garenne Lemot estate audio guide. As you walk, you can listen to commentary about the follies and the key viewpoints of the site.

The interpretive space

This interpretive space in the gardener's cottage is an entertaining and family-friendly addition to the tours and outreach services offered at the site. Admission is free and open to all. Spanning 85m2, the multimedia installations explain the origin of the estate, its singularity, its importance and its influence on the local area. It offers a sensitive, personal approach: behind the idea of the Garenne Lemot estate, there are people, past and present.

For more information on the gardener's cottage: click here.

Find out more

The Grand-Patrimoine de Loire-Atlantique publishing house has produced a beautiful monograph on the Garenne Lemot estate, available in French, English and Italian. It is available for sale at the gift shop !

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